Sarah Vowell

            Sarah Vowell’s novel The Wordy Shipmates depicts a kind of “rule-breaking” in writing that can show her subject matter in a completely different way. For example, the novel is about the people of the Mayflower and the different journeys that they had to take. Though her way of telling history is completely different. She uses real life examples, such as The Brady Bunch and the Simpsons, to display history. The tone of her work is very conversational; something I would really like to use in my writing. I love when I can actually hear, in my own mind, the author’s voice and feel like he or she is speaking directly to me. All throughout grade school and high school I was told never to use the word “I’ in all of my work. That though was always difficult to me because I write the way I speak, therefore not using the word “I” is very difficult. That is part of the reason why I love college; I can use the word “I” in order to express my writing in the best way possible, by speaking directly to my reader. For me, that is the best way to express any kind of information.


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