Shirky Chapter One and Two Ideals

                Clay Shirky’s book Here Comes Everybody offers simple ideals and thoughts from what appears to be simple interactions that most people deal with on a daily bases due to the evolvement of technology. For example, in chapter one, Shirky uses the example of how social media helped not only locate a stolen cell phone, but also lead to the recovery of it due to the simplicity of interaction nowadays. In chapter two, he takes it a step further and explains how this simple process of sharing information to obtain a goal can be used in the sharing of research and such. Chapter two, and kind of chapter one as well, goes into the complexity that so much information can bring to seemingly normal events.

                Shirky uses the example of a large group of friends going to see a movie and how it is not as simple to organize a trip to the movies as it seems. You must pick the genre, time, location, and the actual movie itself and the more people that become involved, the harder it is to plan efficiently and meet everyone’s needs. This can be used as well to parallel the amount of information that is on the internet. There are many different sources throwing information out there, some more reliable than others, that it can become overwhelming to sort the truth from the fiction and really find true research. This vast expanse of technology available to the public can be both a blessing and a curse.

                This relates to our Wikipedia project in several different ways. We picked a topic from a list and then dove headfirst into the sea of information that is now available at every corner in the internet world. We had to search through the nonsense in order to find information that can actually suffice as real research. In then became our responsibility to preserve that information and then present it to the mass public of the internet world through an Annotated Bibliography and soon an actual Wikipedia page. We have taken leadership/control of the group going to the movies and decided the genre, time, location, and the movie itself and silenced all those ridiculous people that make planning an outing harder than it really is.


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