“Apple Will Refund $32.5 Million for In-App Purchases Kids Made Without Parental Consent”

Within the article “Apple Will Refund $32.5 Million for In-App Purchases Kids Made Without Parental Consent” the story of many different parents with young Apple-product-using-children is expressed. The article explains how many children are taking advantage of their parents’ credit card being attached to the shared Apple account by using it to make in-app purchases on games and such. The issue with this lies in the fact that it is the parents’, not the children’s, credit card and name being used on the account so therefore the parents must be the one to confirm all purchases. Apple, in seeing this, has gone about creating several different security measures to ensure that the proper person is giving permission for these purchases and also is refunding some of the money to the parents.

This article almost makes me wants to laugh. The new generation of children are little masterminds it seems, all because they grew up with technology at every stage. The idea of smartphones, tablets, and social media has been around them since they were first able to remember and we would be stupid to think that this, when not properly looked after by an adult, would have some serious ramifications. Children think of it as no big deal to just hit that button and have what they want delivered right to them. It’s probably done without any thought.

The fault though, does not lie just on the shoulders of the parents. It’s the app companies as well. Making games that are targeted specifically for younger audiences that require in-app purchases in order to see new graphics or experience new levels. It is absurd. There is no need for it. Apps and games that accompany smart technology are fun but they take away from the technology’s true purchase and make it another money making machine that forces people to spend eventually large sums on money to complete a level in Candy Crush! I was shown the other day an app that was made specifically for cats! What has become of our technology?

So good for Apple for finally realizing what kind of trouble their empire is causing along with all the good it has done and still can do.



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